Inauguration Day 2021: A Return to Integrity

Wednesday, January 20, marked a new dawn in America.

Democracy prevailed, despite violent calls and actions to suppress it. The safeguards of our sacred institutions may have buckled and creaked over the last four years—particularly in the last few weeks—but what we witnessed at noon today proved that the Constitution can withstand the anti-democratic trespasses of a disgruntled few and remain the unequivocal guiding creed of America, as it was always intended to be.

With the swearing in of Joseph R. Biden, our 46th president, and Kamala Harris, our first Black, Asian, and female vice president, we can finally get to the necessary work of reinstating honor to the presidency, discarding the vitriolic rhetoric that has so spoiled our political discourse, and mending the deep divides that pervade our society.

There's much work to do, but with a renewed focus on unity and kindness from the highest office in the land, I have little doubt we will overcome our current plight and emerge stronger because of it.

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